Yesterday, I was too tired to work on any project. I decided to spend time on my hobbies. I looked into forums/groups, mapped a few places on Google Mapmaker and then started working on English to Urdu translation. As announced earlier, YouTube is now available in Urdu language, I felt relieved as this is another achievement of the Urdu Translators community in Pakistan (which I am a part of).

Just for fun, I subtitled one video from ToffeeTV (Humty Dumpty in Urdu) in Urdu language. The video is already narrated in Urdu. I just added subtitles to the video. Below is the video with to Humty Dumpty Urdu subtitles.

The jingle is really interesting. Every time I heard it, I actually shook my body with the rhythm of the jingle (crazy lol). However, the idea was that, at least, all Urdu videos should have Urdu subtitles added to them in YouTube for more accessibility and readability. This was just to show how it can be done easily. I hope the team at ToffeeTV will look into this and make it even more interesting for kids to learn and enjoy.