It’s been 4 weeks since my first course on Content Marketing & SEO Fundamentals started at Lifetime Learning at LUMS (LLL). We have students from different professional backgrounds and some have not even stepped into the professional lives yet. The challenge was to get a course designed for students from all sorts of backgrounds, different ages, different professions, and different skill sets (of course). With a mix of audience, there’s always a probability of not meeting everyone’s expectations. I tried to design the curriculum in a way which talks about the basic principles of communication and then go up to the technical details of SEO, website architecture, on-page, off-page and then how this course can lead to other dimensions of Digital Marketing.

Right from the start, I started getting feedback from different students about the course. We (LLL management and I) decided to officially conduct an anonymous survey from all of the students in the class. We have 58 students enrolled in my class and I wanted to see what can be done to help all of them. This is the biggest class I have ever taught.

The feedback was astounding. It was beyond my expectation. I got over 90% positive feedback. There only one truly negative comment about me. One of them wanted me to not even exist in LUMS. I guess that’s fine. I wish him/her good luck too. 😀

Below are the results in response to the different questions asked in the survey. Comments are private so I can’t share them, but there was only one negative comment. lol

The Audience:

The audience was diverse. ~50% of the audience were working professionals. They range from the government sector to MNCs. Most of them are related to the marketing departments.

Chart of the Professional Backgrounds of the Students - Teaching Content Marketing & SEO at LUMS


The Pace of the Class:

This was the biggest issue, I believe. For the students who had the basic knowledge of the course contents felt that the course is going slow. And a smaller percentage of the students thought that the course was going “too fast”. However, the encouraging part was, over 70% of the students thought that the pace of the course was perfect. Yay!

Chart of the Pace of the Class - Teaching Content Marketing & SEO at LUMS


Feedback About the Instructor:

This is the scariest moment of all, for me. I love feedback and I value it a lot. Without feedback, you can’t improve. But this also scares me a lot. Not that I let anyone take me down with one’s comments, but I still feel guilty if I miss my own benchmarks. I am glad that this turned out to be good. ~65% thought I was “Very Good” and a little less than 30% thought that I was “Satisfactory.” However, I would have loved to get more details on how to improve myself from those ~8% of the students who thought that I “Need Improvement”. I wish you could send me an anonymous email or something. I would love that. 😀

Chart of the Feedback about the Instructor - Teaching Content Marketing & SEO at LUMS


Feedback About the Course:

This is where I felt the challenge was i.e. to design a balanced course for the students with no knowledge about Digital Marketing and for the students who had enough knowledge to extend their learnings. I asked the students, who thought that we were going slow, to wait for 2 or 3 more classes, and give it a chance, as it was too early to judge a course on its 3rd day. That helped a lot. As the course progressed, we kept diving into more details and hands-on practice of the Content, SEO and Digital Marketing in general.

Chart of the feedback about the Course - Teaching Content Marketing & SEO at LUMS


I am thankful to all of my students for trusting me and to the management of the Lifetime Learning at LUMS to have given me this opportunity to teach my skills at an institute where I once wanted to study myself.