I’ll be leading a workshop on SEO Simplified: How to Teach and Grow being conducted during Blogocracy, Pakistan’s 2nd Annual Blog Awards: Unconference – Lahore, organized by PCWorld Pakistan. The conference is being held at NUCES Lahore today and is an addition to the recent 2nd Annual Pakistan Blog Awards held in Karachi. The workshop is free to attend for the registered attendees. Click the link to register for Unconference Lahore.

The workshop, SEO Simplified, will focus on the basics of SEO, why is it important and the scope it had. It will be equally informative for both, the beginners in SEO and SEO PROs, as I would try to keep this session interactive by having an extensive Q&A session. It’s a great opportunity for SEOs (experts & beginners) to get together and discuss the current trends in SEO and the challenges faced specially in post Google Panda update.

A tentative outline of the workshop is detailed below however, I’ll be happy to go beyond the basics provided the requirement of the workshop.

  • Introduction: Self introduction & introducing the topic.
  • Define SEO: Defining what is SEO in simple words, why is it important and the scope.
  • Explaining SEO: Explaining two parts of SEO
  • P1: On-Page Optimization and how it is done.
  • P2: Off-Page Optimization and how to do it.
  • Q&A: Answering questions by the audience.

It will be great if you can come up with questions regarding SEO which you can discuss at the workshop. The questions may be about anything (as long as they fall under SEO). You can even ask for help on this post (in comments) related to SEO or ping me on social media.